Our Dear Haya

As you may have noticed, all of the furniture pictured on the website is made of European Beech (Haya in Spanish). Although they could be made of any other wood, we chose Beech not only because of its beautiful light color, but also because we think it is underutilized in the design world as a material for fine furniture and we want to give it the appreciation it deserves. 

European Beech is just as durable and hard-wearing as Oak, and its tight grain makes it easy to maintain. Beech is and has been used for furniture for a long time, but is almost always painted over or stained a darker color to imitate Oak or other hardwoods. This made sense when dark, uniform finishes were popular, but we want to move away from the idea that furniture should be large, heavy pieces that fill the space they occupy, both physically and visually. For this Beech is perfect.

From a distance, Beech has a light, creamy color that provides a neutral background. From up close, you can observe the grain, which is slightly darker with small dots or 'flecks' throughout. We have chosen a completely matte finish for the wood, which preserves the natural grain and coloration of the wood as much as possible while still providing long lasting protection from wear. We invite you to look at and appreciate the grain of each of the pieces, as this is what makes every individual one unique.

European Beech grain

Haya's fur

So fond are we of Beech and its properties that we even named our nine month old puppy after it (Haya in Spanish). Haya was abandoned at an English school on the beach, so we call her Haya de la Playa (Haya from the beach). She is a sassy Andalusian Hound Dog (Podenco) mix, with a light brown coloration and small spots on her back that reminded us of the flecks in Beech. She is very expressive, and will never hesitate to let you know how she feels, either good or bad. Just like the wood, she found her way into our hearts and home, and is there to stay. She will surely make many more appearances on the blog and website!

Our beautiful Señorita Haya